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European Heritage Days 19-20th Sep 2015

Les journées européennes du patrimoine à Lyon 19th-21st Sep. 2014!

European Heritage Days (EHD) is a joint action of the Council of Europe and the European Commission involving all 50 signatory states of the European Cultural Convention under the motto, Europe: a common heritage. The annual program offers opportunities to visit buildings, monuments and sites, many of which are not normally accessible to the public. It aims to widen access and foster care for architectural and environmental heritage. These events are also known as Doors Open Days and Open Doors Days in English-speaking countries.
The event began in France in 1984, with La Journée Portes Ouvertes, sponsored by the Ministry of Culture. In 1991 these kinds of events were united as European Heritage Days at the initiative of the Council of Europe, supported by the EU. By 2010, 50 signatory states of the European Cultural Convention had joined the EHDs.

The web-site is in English: