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Coffee Chat – Tuesdays 9:30-11:30

Get together for a café and English conversation with American Club members and our fellow Lyonnais.

For June 2, we will try to meet at Le Perko and see how it goes. I have tried to get in contact with them to verify that they will be open and have room to accommodate up to 10 of us, but I haven’t heard back from them at all. It’s possible there will be a closed Le Perko tomorrow morning or no seating for us, and it’s also possible things will be more or less how they were before. I really don’t know. I will err on the cautious side and stress the need for appropriate distancing and having no more than 10 people at a table, if we happen to get the same large table that we normally have on the terrace. We may have to split up into smaller groups, or people may end up needing to break off from the group and relocate elsewhere if we get to be too big of a group. So for this first date, we’re going in blind, and I want to make sure we’re within whatever rules France, Lyon, and Le Perko have in place, so if you do decide to show up, be prepared to expect anything.

Normally, if the weather is nice enough to sit outdoors, we meet on the terrace just outside of Le Perko, otherwise, we meet upstairs, which may no longer be an option, given the circumstances. Any last minute changes will be announced on the ACL Facebook page, so like the page to get real-time notifications on Coffee Chat and other events.

No need to RSVP for this event (yet). For answers to other questions you may have, check our FAQ.

Bring a friend. Everyone is welcome whether they are a member of the American Club or not!

When: Every Tuesday morning from 9:30 – 11:30
Where: Le Perko Café, 8 Place du Griffon, 69001
Event Organizer: Sam Finocchio