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Past Events

Happy Hour Jan. 24

It's Friday night! Relax and join us for a drink at our monthly happy hour. Come meet some fellow members or bring a friend along.

Look for the "Happy Hour" sign on one of the tables.
ACL loves children, and they love babysitters. :)
Adults only event


ACL Kids’ Hour – Jan. 19

ACL children of all ages are welcome to have fun and be themselves all in English! This will be a time dedicated to games, books, songs and playtime. Bring along your favorite books for story time to read aloud, your favorite board games to share, and some sing-along songs to belt out.

Since this will be the first of these monthly events, we will try to see what works best. There are 3 rooms at our disposal which will be divided for the first session as:
(1) 8+ years old -- board games (and stories if they wish)
(2) 4/5 years - 7/8 years -- stories and board games
(3) baby/toddlers - 3/4 years - stories and songs

** ACL loves kids, however responsibility rests with their parents. All children under 13 must remain under supervision of their parents at all times. **


Cheese Lovers – February 13

Thursday February 13th is the night you’ll be celebrating your love for cheese and wine! Whether or not you have plans for Valentine’s day, join us for a guilt-free fun night and set a trend celebrating another kind of love!  The event is free for ACL members which includes the cheese platter. Non-member guest fees: 12€ Beverage and any other consumption is to be covered by the consumer.  You need to be signed into the ACL website to view the event details.