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Thank You!

Thank you for filling out the American Club of Lyon membership application form; we look forward to welcoming you into the club! After payment, you will receive a welcome email followed by an email with your website login info and an invitation for the Facebook group (if applicable). Please allow anywhere from 3 to 48 hours for all of those emails to arrive, as we are an all-volunteer staff.

Active until August 2024, your membership will provide access to the members-only area of the website and Facebook page (which acts like a community forum where you can find and share information and connect with people) as well as the newsletter featuring updates on events.

To pay your dues via bank transfer, send it in Euros to:

Assoc. American Club of Lyon
20 Rue de la Bourse, 69002 Lyon
IBAN: FR76 1027 8073 2000 0205 0830 135
RIB: 10278 07320 00020508301 35

The amount to transfer is:

  • Family (household) €60 €30
  • Single (one-person household) €30 €15
  • Student (one-person household) €25 €12.50
  • Non-Resident (online only) €15 €7.50

To ensure your payment is credited to the correct membership account, please double-check that the name listed on the application form is included in the bank transfer, either in the account name or in a “memo” or “purpose” field.

Any payment made in US Dollars will not be accepted.

You can also pay for your membership via PayPal using the link below: (Please note that there is an additional €1.50 fee included in order to help offset service charges imposed by PayPal):

Membership Type